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Learning Journey


Laying the Foundations Nepean School provides students and their families with a learning environment that is holistic, nurturing and enriching. This learning journey begins in the primary department as our team helps to lay strong foundations for all future learning – physical, academic, social/emotional and communicative. When our students and their families begin their primary journey at Nepean they are welcomed by a vibrant and supportive team who are ready to provide a bridge between home and school and make the transition to school a positive and happy experience for all.

The primary journey is one of discovery. It is a time for students to learn about themselves and their world, for our team to learn about each student’s strengths, abilities and needs and for families to learn how they can be active in helping students reach their potential. The contribution of families is highly valued and our aim is to enhance the partnership between home and school, provide resources and support to families and encourage families to be part of our school community.


When a student joins the Secondary Family, they experience a warm, empathetic and holistic approach to education in an environment which values individual qualities, empowerment, communication, choices and preparation for life beyond school. In the initial years, the journey provides opportunities for the student to progress beyond the foundations of learning, adding depth and breadth to the educational experience. Much of the students learning is related to their personal, social, emotional, physical, leisure and life experiences with an emphasis on individual learning needs and styles.

During the mid and late secondary years, we focus on ‘building bridges’ toward successful transition into the community post school. This valuable time is used to work alongside students and their families ensuring students have the right tools to enable them to move smoothly into a post school lifestyle.

We endeavour to equip students with the means to communicate their needs, wants, likes and dislikes, develop meaningful links to post school placements, encourage appropriate social and leisure networks for the student, outside the school and make sure that students and their families have the necessary supports in place.

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