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Therapy Supporting Education

We have a team of skilled therapists who work in classrooms to provide therapeutic interventions that maximise students’ access to, participation in and success with learning activities.


Occupational Therapy

Our OTs work in each class for 3 one hour sessions every week. The transdisciplinary team use the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) to develop programs which incorporate sensory processing, motor planning, sequencing and organisation, life skills, community skills, handwriting and/or alternative access. Our OTs can also support families with the trial and prescription of equipment such as shower chairs, meal time supports, commodes, mounting systems and sleep systems.


Speech Therapy

Our speech therapists work in each class for 3 one hour sessions per week. They work together with the team to create meaningful opportunities for students to develop and use their communication systems, be they speech, sign, voice output, communication books or a combination of all of these! Our speech therapists are able to support families with trialling and prescribing communication devices. Our speech therapists share their expertise with the development of meal time profiles in conjunction with the OT and teacher. These ensure every student has the opportunity to develop their meal time skills, are safely assisted and can be referred on for specialist investigations if required.


Music Therapy

Each class has a one hour session of Music Therapy every week. The focus of the session can range from song writing, playing instruments, improvisation or vocal skills depending on the students’ needs. Our Music Therapists also run our School Band and Glee Club which provide further opportunities for creative expression and team work using music.



Our Physiotherapists work in Gross Motor, Fitness and Mobility sessions with each class twice per week. Using the ILP goals, the teacher and physio will design activities to promote and develop core stability, gross motor skills, balance, coordination and maintain range of movement. Gross Motor, Fitness and Mobility sessions are always lots of fun and incorporate games, bike riding, standing, long sitting, ball skills and gym equipment. The physio is also a part of the Aquatics session, providing therapeutic interventions within the aquatic environment. Our physios can also support families with the trial and prescription of equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, standing frames. Nepean also hosts Orthokids orthotics clinics approximately twice per term, students are able to have their AFOs adjusted, reviewed and cast at school.

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