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Paediatric Physiotherapists are trained to work with infants, children and adolescents.  They have an expert understanding of child development and how this relates to neurological, cardio-respiratory and musculoskeletal health. Our team of Physios assess students, identify goals and develop programmes to maximise every child’s functional movement. They provide management and education to enhance the health and wellbeing of children and maximise their participation in everyday activities.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists (also called 'OTs') can work with children of all ages and their families to help them do the things they want or have to do including playing, getting dressed, handwriting, sports and learning. Occupational therapy also includes making changes to the child's environment to help the child be more independent.

Our OTs support students to develop skills such as grasping and holding objects, pre-writing and handwriting, upper limb coordination, strength and endurance, alternative access to activities/technology, community skills, self care skills and sensory processing. 

Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology is an allied health profession helping people who have difficulties with their communication, eating and drinking. Our Speech Pathologists are university qualified allied health professionals. They diagnose and treat communication disorders, including difficulties with speaking, listening, understanding language, reading, writing, social skills, stuttering and using voice. Our Speech Pathologist can also support students who experience difficulties swallowing food and drink safely. 


Our Nursing team is made up of three registered nurses (RNs), who together with families and the transdisciplinary teams, focus on the health and wellbeing of our students. Our RNs are available to administer medications, respond to emergency situations, support students personal care and provide first aid as required. Their work may also include liaising with continence nurses, dieticians, paediatricians and hospitals.


Music Therapy

Music therapy is a research-based allied health profession in which music is used to actively support people as they aim to improve their health, functioning and well-being. It can help people of all ages to manage their physical and mental health and enhance their quality of life. Our Music Therapists are not only skilled musicians, but they are also trained in understanding the effects music experiences can have on behaviours, feelings, thoughts and actions. Our Music therapists use their therapy training and musical ability to facilitate interactive musical experiences to help our students achieve their goals. These goals may include improved communication, cognition, physical function, mood and wellbeing.


Psychologists who work in schools support children and young people to achieve academic success, psychological health and social and emotional wellbeing. 

Our psychologist is skilled working with all age groups and issues, from early childhood to adolescent development, learning and cognitive assessments and behavioural assessments and interventions.

Our psychologist also supports school staff through wellbeing programs and enhancing their understanding of psycho-social development and mental health of children and young people, including mental health and resilience programs.