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Student Voice & Agency 

At Nepean School we create a positive climate for learning so that every student can find their voice. We believe young people who find their voice and are active partners in their learning, are more likely to develop confidence, increase their independence and show a willingness to lead others. By empowering students, we enhance student engagement and enrich their participation in the classroom, school and community. All students at Nepean School have a say in what they learn, how they learn and when they learn.


English is central to the learning and development of all young Australians. It helps create confident communicators, imaginative thinkers and informed citizens. It is through the study of English that students learn to analyse, understand, communicate, and build relationships with others and with the world around them. Our English programs include explicit teaching and opportunities learn to listen to, read, view, speak, write, create and reflect on spoken, written and multimodal texts across a growing range of contexts with accuracy, fluency and purpose.

We have embraced the Science of Reading and adopted evidence based programs to support the explicit teaching of reading. 


Mathematics provides our students with the important math ideas, knowledge and skills that they will draw on in their personal and work lives. Our approach to Mathematics ensures that students develop useful mathematical and numeracy skills for everyday life, work and as active and critical citizens in a technological world. Our programs include explicit teaching and encourage students to see connections and apply mathematical concepts, skills and processes to pose and solve problems in mathematics and in other contexts.

Personal & Social Learning 

Personal and Social Learning focuses on the recognition and expression of emotions, the development of resilience, and the appreciation of diversity of gender, age, language, culture and religion. Students explore the importance of a range of social relationships, including within families, peer groups and the community. They are also enabled to identify and manage emotional responses in a range of contexts.


Digital Technologies

Information Communication Technologies (ICT) are powerful tools that can support student learning. Students can develop and demonstrate their understanding of concepts and content in Digital Technologies through using a range of ICT tools. It is also important that students know how to use these ICT efficiently and responsibly, as well as learning how to protect themselves and secure their data.


Health & PE

In Health and Physical Education, our students develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to strengthen their sense of self, lead healthy lifestyles and build satisfying relationships. The Health & PE program at Nepean School helps our students to be resilient, to make decisions about their health, to take actions to promote their health, safety and participation in physical activities.



STEM is an approach to learning and development that is fun, hands on and experimental. It integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Through STEM, our students develop key skills including problem solving, creativity, and collaboration. 


The Arts

The Arts are a vital part of the curriculum at Nepean School. Covering visual arts, music, dance, drama and media arts, The Arts gives opportunities for students to express themselves and use their imagination and creativity!



Our Aquatics program allows students to experience moving through water in different ways and supports students to make safe decisions and protect their own safety when near water. Our fully equipped change rooms encourage independence while dressing, students are able to use a variety of pool chairs, ladders and hi-lo beds to make the changing process discrete, respectful and safe. Our hydrotherapy pool is heated to 32-34° and provides the perfect environment to relax the body, practise using our muscles and moving our bodies. 

Play & Leisure 

Play and Leisure is a very important part of the curriculum at Nepean. Play can occur indoors or outdoors, alone or with peers and can involve manipulation of objects or engagement with music or the environment. Through play, students are challenged to practise skills, including social skills, in a simple game and play situations. 


Food Technology 

Learning in Food Technology focuses on developing knowledge, understanding and skills that will support students to make healthy choices about food and nutrition. Students learn about this by exploring the influences on these choices and developing skills to access and assess nutritional information to support healthy choices.


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